2023 Housing Market: A Year In Review

2023 Housing market
The 2023 housing market encountered some headwinds but remains on solid ground.

The 2023 housing market was a curious beast, a tale of two halves, or perhaps more accurately, a story with several plot twists. It was a year defined by rising mortgage rates, cooling demand, and stubbornly persistent home prices. Below we will discuss several key trends that helped shape the 2023 housing market.

Key factors impacting the housing market

1. Mortgage Mayhem: The biggest game-changer in 2023 was the rapid rise in mortgage rates. After years of hovering near historic lows, rates surged, doubling in some cases, effectively slamming the brakes on the runaway train that was the housing market. This made affordability a major hurdle for many buyers, pushing many out of the market or forcing them to reconsider their budgets.

2. Demand Downturn: As affordability plummeted, demand naturally took a hit. The frenetic bidding wars and multiple-offer situations that defined the market in recent years became a thing of the past. Buyers became more cautious, taking their time and weighing their options more carefully. This led to a significant decrease in home sales, with some regions experiencing double-digit declines.

3. Inventory Intrigue: While demand cooled, inventory levels remained tight. This was due to a combination of factors, including homeowners hesitant to sell in a rising-rate environment and a lack of new construction. The limited supply, coupled with persistent demand from certain segments of the market, helped to prop up home prices despite the broader slowdown.

4. Price Plateau: While many expected a price correction with the cooling demand, home prices in 2023 largely held steady. In some markets, there were even modest increases. This surprised many analysts, who had predicted a more significant downturn. However, the lack of inventory and continued demand from certain buyer groups, such as cash buyers and those looking to trade up, helped to support prices.

5. Market Metamorphosis: So, what does 2023 tell us about the future of the housing market? It’s clear that the days of breakneck price appreciation and frenzied bidding wars are over, at least for now. The market is transitioning to a more balanced state, with buyers and sellers having more negotiating power. The key factor to watch in the coming year will be mortgage rates. If they continue to rise, affordability will remain a major challenge, and the market could cool further. However, if rates stabilize or even decline, we could see a modest rebound in demand.

Additional takeaways from the 2023 housing market

  • First-time buyers: It was a tough year for first-time buyers, who faced the double whammy of rising prices and higher mortgage rates. However, there are still government programs and incentives available to help them enter the market.
  • Luxury market: The luxury market held up better than the overall market, with high-end properties continuing to sell well. This is likely due to the fact that luxury buyers are less sensitive to interest rate changes.
  • Regional variations: The housing market is not a monolith. Conditions vary widely from region to region, depending on factors such as local job markets, affordability, and supply levels.


Looking ahead, we have recently seen some encouraging signs from the Federal Reserve indicating that there could be some easing of the key interest rate in the new year. Should we see mortgage rates decrease in 2024, this could provide some positive momentum for the housing market.

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By natasha moore

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