3 Luxury staging trends for 2021

Staging has long been a key component of the marketing strategy for luxury real estate. With this said, there are some timeless aspects of staging such as making necessary repairs, de-cluttering and depersonalizing the home, or simply applying a fresh coat of paint. In addition to some standard staging practices, certain strategies evolve with the market. Below we discuss 3 luxury staging trends to watch out for in 2021.

  • Warm tones gain popularity: For the past decade or so, whites and grays have been the most popular interior colors for homes. With this said, soothing and warm beige tones are gaining in popularity in 2021. These warm tones tend to be more inviting.
  • “Creature comforts” sell: One byproduct of the pandemic has been a substantial increase in amount of time being spent in the home. For this reason, more home buyers are being drawn in by creature comforts in the home. Comfort, certainty, & security are critical components in any home search. This is a great time to focus on items such as smart home technology and well-appointed outdoor living spaces. These items are highly sought-after as more time is being spent in the home.
  • Black statement pieces: For the past few years, staging has been largely neutral with regards to colors, tones, etc… With this said, we are seeing more black statement pieces being used now to draw the prospective buyer’s attention to the best features of a home. For example, a black marble kitchen island or even black picture frames can be eye-catching.


With Americans spending more time at home, recent trends have pointed to increased productivity and multi-functional rooms. Whether it is in the luxury home market or not, these trends are fairly consistent throughout. If you are preparing to list your home for sale, you will want to take these new trends into consideration.

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By natasha@livesouthfl.com

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