3 Renovations that may sell your home faster

Homes in South Florida are selling quickly right now. This may even be an understatement in the current market. With this said, an outdated home can still become a stale listing even in the strongest of real estate markets. As a seller, you always want to give yourself the best chance to sell quickly at top dollar. It is no secret that an updated home will sell quicker than an outdated home. The reason is simple. The majority of home buyers do not want to purchase a home, only to spend additional money and time renovating it. The focus of this article are to highlight 3 popular renovations that will greatly increase your chances of selling your home quickly.


The kitchen is typically the central location for entertaining in any home. For this reason, it garners more attention than most rooms. If you think about it, when viewing a property. the kitchen is usually one of the first rooms that you see. In addition, it often is an area where prospective buyers gather to discuss a home (when the property is vacant, of course). For these reasons and more, an outdated kitchen can quickly become a turn off to any buyer. A kitchen renovation can go a long way in presenting your property in the most positive light. Since not all renovations are created equal, it is critical that quality materials such as natural stones are utilized. In addition, neutral tones are also recommended to appeal to the majority of buyers.


Known as one of the most common home inspection items that can derail a contract, a quality roof is critical to a successful home sale. Keep in mind, most home inspectors will typically inspect a roof and use verbiage in their reports such as: “roof is in it’s last 1/3 of it’s useful life”, etc… While the intent here is not to recommend that all sellers replace their roofs prior to selling a property, it can be a beneficial selling feature. For example, it is always helpful to be able to include in a property description that a new roof was installed in 2018, etc… After all, replacing a roof is one of the biggest fears of prospective buyers!


Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are extremely important to buyers. Nothing can turn off a buyer quite as fast as a bathroom with a pink toilet from the 1970’s. In addition, this is a room where you can get creative with your choice of accent tiles, plumbing fixtures, and other items. As always, quality craftsmanship with plumbing will be critical. Although a buyer may not notice poor plumbing craftsmanship, it will most likely be discovered during a home inspection. In addition to an updated finish, it is equally critical to maintain your bathrooms extremely clean for potential showings. In general, nobody wants to see a dirty house!

By natasha@livesouthfl.com

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.