Best City For Families In Florida

Which Florida city recently ranked as the most family-friendly?

Recently, Fortune Well released their 50 Best Places To Live For Families. This analysis evaluated nearly 1,900 cities, towns, suburbs, exurbs, villages and townships that had approximately 20,000 residents across all 50 states in the U.S. Rather than simply taking the 50 best cities across the country, this report took only one city from each state. To determine their findings, Fortune Well reviewed more than 200,000 unique data points across five broad categories: education, aging resources, general wellness, financial health, livability. In addition, racial, socioeconomic, religious and ethnic diversity were also incorporated into this analysis. To ensure the winning places were cities and towns where residents could afford to buy homes, Fortune eliminated locales with home sale prices that were more than twice as high as the state median and/or more than 2.75 times higher than the national median. In addition, an effort was made to identify racially diverse cities. Therefore, any city that was 75% less diverse than the state median was also eliminated from consideration.

The top city in Florida

As for The Sunshine State, the top ranked family-friendly city was Wellington, FL. In fact, Wellington was ranked #8 nationally! Commonly known as the winter equestrian capital of the world, Wellington is the fifth largest municipality in Palm Beach County. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Wellington had a population of 61,438 people as of 2022. As for the top 10 cities for families across the country, they were as follows:

  • #1. Cambridge, MA
  • #2. Portsmouth, NH
  • #3. Silver Spring, MD
  • #4. Tualatin, OR
  • #5. Middletown, DE
  • #6. Olathe, KS
  • #7. Eastvale, CA
  • #8. Wellington, FL
  • #9. Greenburgh, NY
  • #10. Fitchburg, WI

To view the complete top 50 list, click here.


Since the pandemic, we have seen an increased awareness and incidence of loneliness among Americans. Even before the pandemic, loneliness was commonplace, with its effects felt across roughly half the U.S. population, especially among young people and caregivers. It is for these reasons that Fortune Well embarked on this analysis. As always, your local real estate agent will be your best source for information about your local market.

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By natasha moore

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