Common home upgrades during the COVID-19 era

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives. With this said, we have certainly seen an impact on real estate as well. While the real estate market continues to be one of the bright spots in our economy, it continues to evolve. The focus of this article is to highlight some home upgrades that have become highly sought after during the pandemic.

Outdoor living areas

Social distancing has become a part of everyone’s vernacular. With this said, most of us are spending a considerable more time at home. Therefore, outdoor spaces of a home have become even more of a focal point. Whether it is a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living features have taken a prominent role for many. If your budget is tight, you may find less expensive items to make your outdoor space more enjoyable. For example, in colder climates, you may simply want to add a space heater or small in-ground fire pit. In warmer climates such as South Florida, perhaps a misting fan can make the summer barbecue more comfortable?

Home office or classroom

With many people working from home and students attending school virtually, converting spare bedrooms to offices or classrooms has become critical. After all, who wants to be conducting their work from the dining room table? This is an opportune time to convert a guest bedroom to a fully-functioning home office. If you are preparing to list your home for sale, staging a bedroom as a multi-functional room that can be converted to an office is an important selling feature.

Home gym

During the pandemic, many people have been forgoing the gym in order to limit their potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. Not to mention, who enjoys wearing a mask during their workout? This may be the perfect time to convert an extra bedroom or section of your garage to a fitness studio. It is critical that the isolation caused by the pandemic does not negatively impact your physical fitness. Once again, many prospective buyers are also looking at home gyms as welcomed features of any home in this market.

Upgrade the laundry room

Let’s face it, we are washing a lot more laundry now due to the pandemic. In addition, we have even added washable facial coverings into the dirty clothes hamper! Therefore, the laundry room is an area of the house that we are spending more time in than ever before. For this reason, we might was well make it as appealing as possible. Whether this means installing your favorite wallpaper or installing a clothes folding station, these aesthetic upgrades & creature comforts can also go a long way in attracting a buyer.


Whether you are preparing your home for sale or simply looking for some upgrades to make your life more enjoyable, the current pandemic has shed some light on some desirable items in the current market. We do not yet know how long the “work from home” environment will last, but it is also safe to assume that the future will certainly include a form of the remote working environment in some capacity. Now is a great time to assess your home and determine how it can best accommodate this new world of living!


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