Could listing a home for sale mid-week result in more money?

Could the day of the week you choose to list a home for sale make a difference in the sale price? Although any appropriately priced home should sell quickly in this market, there is data indicating that certain times of the week may result in a higher sales price. Historical data has shown that Thursdays tend to be the best day of the week to list a home for sale.

A recent report released by Redfin analyzed home sales from July 2020 to February 2021. The results indicated that homes listed for sale mid-week sold for an average of $1,700 more than homes listed for sale on the weekend.

Why does it matter?

Although it is unknown exactly why this difference in average sales price was seen for homes listed mid-week, many think that this timing gives buyers time to see the property online, speak with their real estate agent, and schedule a showing for that weekend. While this may very well be a good reason for the difference, many properties listed for sale are typically not lasting this long. In other words, if a home is listed for sale on a Wednesday there is a good chance that scheduling a showing for Saturday may be too late.


Pricing a home is by far the single most important aspect in effectively marketing a home to sell quickly for top dollar. With this said, there are also many other important factors that may be overlooked. For starters, whether on a computer or mobile device, virtually all home showings begin online these days. Therefore, it is critical that your real estate agent has professional photos taken to showcase the property effectively. As always, cleaning and de-cluttering the home prior to these photos being taken is imperative as well. In addition, sellers and their real estate agents should spend the appropriate time on crafting the perfect description for the property. With so many Americans relocating to South Florida, it is also important to highlight some items that these potential buyers may not be familiar with. For example, showcasing the property’s proximity to airports, major highways, shopping, restaurants, and night life can be very beneficial. Lastly, school zones continue to be a driving force behind many home searches. It is not a bad idea to include the schools that the property is zoned for in your description as well.

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