Curb appeal may be more important than ever in real estate

Whether your are driving by a house for sale or viewing a house online, the exterior front is more than likely the first image you see. Even with online listings, the exterior front image of a property is more times than not the featured photo. Nonetheless, curb appeal has always been a critical factor in the real estate market. Of course, in the pre-pandemic world, it was easier to overlook poor curb appeal if the interior of the home was extremely impressive. Now in the pandemic world, many prospective buyers will not even risk an in-person tour if the curb appeal is lacking. Furthermore, we have even seen a significant increase in home purchases being made entirely virtually!

Tips to improve curb appeal

  • Update the front door: Often overlooked, the front door is a critical aspect of a home’s curb appeal. The style and finish of a front door gives prospective buyers a glimpse into what the rest of the house may be like. In addition to aiding in a home’s style, a new front door may also offer security benefits.
  • New windows and/or window frames: Old and dated windows can be spotted a mile away. In South Florida, high-impact windows have certainly become a highly desired feature. Given the amount of active hurricane seasons in recent years, the demand for these windows has only increased.
  • Install exterior lighting: Exterior lighting that accents the home and landscaping can do wonders for a property. With LED technology, homeowners have the ability to light up every palm tree or other landscaping for minimal energy costs. In addition to curb appeal, lighting also aids with security. After all, criminals do not want to step onto a well-lit property.
  • Tasteful landscaping: According to a study by HomeLight, well-landscaped homes are worth anywhere from 1% to 10% more than homes without landscaping. You may be surprised what a few plants and mulch will be able to do in transforming a front yard.


In closing, it is important to know that more and more prospective buyers are being extra selective before identifying properties to conduct in-person showings at. Due to the potential added exposure to the COVID-19 virus, many buyers are being more efficient than ever with their online due diligence. As a seller, it is extremely important that you always strive to maximize the potential to get showings for your property. In the end, these curb appeal upgrades should also result in a higher sales price as well.


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