Do Grocery Store Locations Impact Real Estate Prices?

Grocery store locations and real estate prices
Which grocery store you live near could be impacting your home's value.

You may have never thought about the relationship between retail stores and real estate values. However, there is certainly a relationship between the two. The reason for this is because certain premium brands do extensive research in markets prior to opening a new location. For example, while it may seem that Starbucks places stores anywhere (even near other Starbucks locations), they are also only going to be found in areas where the local population is likely to be able to afford and spend the premium for a high-priced latte. The same concept can apply to retail stores such as grocery stores. A recent analysis from ATTOM Data Solutions revealed how grocery store locations impact real estate prices. For the full report, click here.

The methodology

For this analysis, ATTOM Data Solutions looked at the following:

  • current average home values
  • 5-year home price appreciation for YTD 2022 vs. YTD 2017
  • current average home equity
  • home seller profits
  • home flipping rates in U.S. zip codes with a least one Whole Foods store, one Trader Joe’s store and one ALDI store

The best grocery stores for homebuyers and investors

Grocery StoreAverage Home Value
Trader Joe’s$987,923
Whole Foods$891,416
Grocery Store5-Year Home Price Appreciation
Trader Joe’s49%
Whole Foods45%
Grocery StoreAverage Gross Flipping Return On Investment
Whole Foods28%
Trader Joe’s25%
Grocery StoreAverage Home Seller Return On Investment
Trader Joe’s58%
Whole Foods51%


Although homes near Trader Joe’s stores had the highest average home value, the greatest rates of appreciation and return on investment were typically seen for homes located near Aldi stores. With this said, homes located near Aldi stores are certainly ripe for real estate investors. With an average return on investment of 61%, you may want to see if the property that you are interested in is located near one of these stores.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.