Do you need a real estate agent representing you for new construction?

Should I use a real estate agent for new construction?
Representation from a real estate agent when purchasing a new construction home can be quite beneficial.

The thought of moving into a brand new home that nobody has ever lived in is quite appealing to many. After all, what is not to like? Chances are it has the most updated amenities and you should not have to worry about as many maintenance issues as you would an older home. Typically, new home communities even have a sales center right on site making it very convenient to simply stop by. These sales centers are staffed by builder’s agents that obviously have the builder’s best interest in mind. Unfortunately, many home buyers often believe that they may “get a better deal” if they simply visit these sales centers alone without any representation from their real estate agent. This could not be further from the truth and could end up costing you more in the end.

Reasons to have a real estate agent representing your new construction purchase

The job of a buyer’s agent is to ensure that the buyer gets the most value for their money while also being mindful of many aspects of the transaction.

  • Negotiating extras: Oftentimes, buyer’s agents are able to successfully negotiate extras on behalf of the buyer. Some examples of this may include paint colors, garage door styles, or even appliances. Although builders are less likely to negotiate some of these items in the current seller’s market, it still happens.
  • Providing financing options: Builders typically have a preferred lender that they will steer buyers to. After all, this is another revenue stream for the builder and they oftentimes add some incentives for going through their lender. An experienced and knowledgeable buyer’s agent will be able to assist you with providing some financing options to ultimately get the best options for your situation.
  • Overseeing a home inspection: Many buyers mistakenly assume that because it is a new construction home, there is no need to conduct a home inspection. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, oftentimes builders are rushing these projects so much that many corners are cut during construction. Also, don’t expect the builder’s agent to push for a home inspection either. Your buyer’s agent will be of great assistance here and should also be able to interpret the findings from the home inspection.


Oftentimes, buyer believe that they will “get a better deal” if they simply do not use a buyer’s agent for a new construction home. This is one of the most common myths in the new construction home market. In fact, some builders even offer extra incentives for buyers that are represented by a buyer’s agent. It is important to remember that it is in the builder’s best interests to have more real estate agents familiar with their community. This is why many of these new construction communities even host happy hours referred to as “Brokers Opens” for real estate brokers. During these events, builders get to showcase their community in hopes that the real estate brokers will share this information with their respective agents and ultimately with more clients. If you are considering buying a new construction home in South Florida, be sure to contact Live South Florida Realty, Inc. We have assisted many clients with their new construction purchases and have the experience you will want on your side.

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