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Florida Home Search App
The Florida Home Search App is your best tool for South Florida real estate.

Gone are the days when clients would need to call their real estate agent in order to meet at their local office to search the latest book of MLS listings in the area. Fast forward to today and clients can have access to a wealth of information right on their mobile device. However, it is important to remember that there are always trade offs with anything in life.

At Live South Florida Realty, Inc., we realized that there was an opportunity to create a better tool for anyone searching for real estate in the South Florida market. Although there are plenty of real estate search tools and apps available in the marketplace, it was evident that each one had its shortcomings. For example, it is still not uncommon for one of our clients to inquire about a property they found on one of the popular real estate search apps, only to find out that the property being inquired about sold 6 months ago! Needless to say, this experience can be frustrating for both the client and the real estate agent.

Reasons to use the Florida Home Search App

  1. Accurate Data: The app is directly fed from the various South Florida MLS databases in real time. Therefore, you are plugged into fast and accurate data at all times.
  2. Privacy: Unlike other popular real estate search sites and apps, the Florida Home Search App does not sell your data. Therefore, you do not have to worry about receiving annoying marketing emails, text messages, or phone calls from outside companies that purchase your data.
  3. Personalized Searches: Set up your own personalized searches and create alerts for properties that match your search criteria. In this low inventory market, it is important to act swiftly on new listings that meet your search criteria.
  4. Efficient: If you happen to discover a property of interest, easily contact a knowledgeable and responsive Live South Florida Realty, Inc. agent immediately via text, email, or phone.
  5. Contact a mortgage broker: Do you have questions about financing for a particular property? Contact a mortgage broker from within the app to determine if you are pre-qualified for a home purchase.
  6. Learn about nearby schools: School zones are an important factor in any home search. The Florida Home Search app will inform you of nearby schools and their respective ratings.
  7. Less storage occupied on your mobile device: The Florida Home Search App requires approximately half of the data storage of popular real estate apps. This frees up more storage space on your mobile device for your other needs.


Live South Florida Realty, Inc. was one of the first real estate brokerages to embrace technology by developing our own real estate search app many years ago. Over time, we have had a chance to improve on this technology with our roll out of the Florida Home Search app on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

If you are in the South Florida market, be sure to download the Florida Home Search App today!

By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.

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