Florida Population Continues To Grow

Florida population
Florida's population continues to grow but likely at a slower pace.

Florida, the land of tropical weather and no state income tax, is experiencing a population boom like no other. In fact, the Florida population growth led to The Sunshine State being the fastest growing state in the country for 2022. With its balmy beaches, bustling cities, and tax-friendly appeal, the Sunshine State has become a magnet for Americans seeking a change of scenery and a slice of paradise. But how long can this growth last, and what are the implications for the state’s future?

A look at Florida population numbers

In 2022, Florida surpassed Idaho as the fastest-growing state in the nation, adding a staggering 1.9% to its population. This translates to nearly 425,000 new residents, pushing the state’s total count past 22 million. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that approximately 91,000 of these transplants were from New York. This momentum should continue moving forward, but possibly at a slower pace.

As for 2023, it appears as though Utah is leading the country for population growth with a growth rate of about 15%. Idaho is right behind with a growth rate of approximately 14%.

Looking ahead at population projections through 2028, the Florida population growth rate is expected to taper off. The rate of growth is expected to slow to 1.51% next year, 1.37% in 2025, 1.3% in 2026, 1.24% in 2027 and 1.18% in 2028.


This rapid growth presents both opportunities and challenges. A larger population means a stronger workforce, increased tax revenue, and a bustling housing market. However, it also strains infrastructure, puts pressure on resources like water and energy, and can lead to rising housing costs and affordability concerns. The Sunshine State faces the task of managing this growth responsibly, ensuring adequate infrastructure, housing, and public services to accommodate the newcomers without compromising the quality of life for existing residents.

If you’re considering joining the Florida migration, prepare for a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape. Embrace the sunshine and opportunities, but be mindful of the challenges that come with population growth. As for Florida natives, buckle up! The Sunshine State is changing, and its future depends on everyone working together to manage its growth responsibly and sustainably.

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By natasha moore

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