Florida Property Tax Comparison by City

2023 Property Tax by City

Property tax rates vary by city and the differences may be greater than you expect. Here is a 2023 Florida property tax comparison by city for 5 coastal cities in south Florida, such as Highland Beach, Boca Raton, Ocean Ridge, Lighthouse Point, and Delray Beach.

For properties with taxable value of $1 million, the lowest tax bill is for Highland Beach which is $16,177. The highest tax bill is for Delray Beach, which is $19,247. The tax bill for Delray Beach is 19% higher than Highland Beach. The dollar difference in taxes in this example is $3,070. The dollar difference would be larger for properties with taxable values greater than $1 million.

When looking to purchase a property, you may want to consider the property tax rate. The tax rate can vary significantly depending on the municipality that the property is located in.

It’s important to note in this 2023 Florida property tax comparison by city that the county taxes make up the large majority of the tax rate. For example, a property in Highland Beach will have a total tax rate of 1.62%, which is made up of the Palm Beach County tax rate of 1.26% and the Highland Beach municipal tax rate of 0.36%. Boca Raton, Ocean Ridge, and Delray Beach are also located in Palm Beach County. Lighthouse Point is located in Broward County. The Broward County tax rate is 1.39%.

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