Florida Property Tax Reminder

Florida Property Tax

Don’t forget to pay your Florida property tax bill. To get the biggest discount on your real estate taxes, you need to pay by November 30. The maximum discount is 4%.

Is your property located in Palm Beach County? You will want to visit the Palm Beach County tax collector website.

If your property is located in Broward County, you should visit the Broward County tax collector website.

Do you have a mortgage and escrow your property taxes? If yes, then your mortgage company will pay your Florida property tax on your behalf. If you are curious, you can double check that your taxes have been paid by going to the tax collector’s website and looking up your address.

Do you qualify for the homestead exemption? For Palm Beach county residents, visit the Palm Beach County property appraiser’s website to review the requirements. For Broward county residents, visit the Broward Count property appraiser’s website. If you qualify, you can save a lot of money with the homestead exemption. The savings can be significant in future years since the exemption places a maximum on the amount the taxable value can increase each year.

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