Half Of The Top 10 Metro Destinations Are In Florida

Top metro markets
Florida is still home to some of the most desirable metro markets.

Approximately 24.1% of U.S. home buyers considered moving to a different metro area in the third quarter of 2022. Not surprisingly, 5 of the top 10 metro destinations are in The Sunshine State. So just what metro markets are Americans flocking to? We share the top 10 destination metro cities along with the top origin metros and top out-of-state origins below.

Top U.S. Metro CityTop Origin MetroTop Out-of-State Origin
1. Sacramento, CASan Francisco, CAChicago, IL
2. Las Vegas, NVLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA
3. Miami, FLNew York, NYNew York, NY
4. San Diego, CALos Angeles, CAChicago, IL
5. Tampa, FLNew York, NYNew York, NY
6. Phoenix, AZLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA
7. Cape Coral, FLChicago, ILChicago, IL
8. North Port-Sarasota, FLChicago, ILChicago, IL
9. Dallas, TXLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA
10. Orlando, FLNew York, NYNew York, NY

An exodus from expensive east and west coast cities

Overall, the housing market has slowed considerably in 2022. With this said, of those that are moving, the vast majority are leaving higher cost cities in favor of lower cost cities. In fact, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C. and Boston saw more people leaving than any other metro cities. As a result, affordable Sun Belt metros are most popular with relocating home buyers, largely because they can get more home for less money.


In closing, it can not go unsaid that the single biggest factor impacting the migration trend out of large, more expensive coastal job centers is the popularity of the remote working environment. With more employers embracing the work from home model, this has removed all geographical boundaries for employees. The result is a shift out of high-priced metro markets and to lower cost areas.

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