Highest & lowest property tax rankings by state

Property tax rankings by state
The lowest & highest property tax states.

As we have written about in previous articles, the state of Florida has become arguably the most popular destination state for those looking to relocate within the U.S. In addition to the tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and relatively low cost of living, a higher proportion of Americans have even cited “freedom” as a main driver for their move south. With no state income tax, Florida has always been considered a tax-friendly state which has resulted in an overall lower cost of living. With regards to cost of living, oftentimes property taxes quickly enter the discussion as well. Did you know? The average American household spends $2,471 on real-estate property taxes. In addition, if you happen to live in one of the 27 states with vehicle property taxes, this equates to an additional $445 per year.

Top 10 states with highest property taxes

  • 1. New Jersey (2.49%)
  • 2. Illinois (2.27%)
  • 3. New Hampshire (2.18%)
  • 4. Connecticut (2.14%)
  • 5. Vermont (1.90%)
  • 6. Wisconsin (1.85%)
  • 7. Texas (1.80%)
  • 8. Nebraska (1.73%)
  • 9. New York (1.72%)
  • 10. Rhode Island (1.63%)

Top 10 states with lowest property taxes

  • 1. Hawaii (0.28%)
  • 2. Alabama (0.41%)
  • 3. Colorado (0.51%)
  • 4. Louisiana (0.55%)
  • 5. District of Columbia (0.56)
  • 6. South Carolina (0.57%)*
  • 6. Delaware (0.57%) *tied with South Carolina
  • 8. West Virginia (0.58%)
  • 9. Nevada (0.60%)
  • 10. Wyoming (0.61%)

Where does Florida rank?

As for The Sunshine State, it currently ranks as the 24th lowest for property taxes. Keep in mind, the state of Florida also lacks a state income tax or a vehicle property tax. As for the complete breakdown for Florida property taxes, it is as follows:

  • Effective real estate tax rate: 0.89%
  • Median home value: $215,300
  • Annual taxes on median priced home: $1,914


In many cases, the property tax rate is indicative of the level of public services available in the community. Needless to say, home buyers must always consider the entire bundle of costs associated with the purchase of a home. Property taxes certainly comprise a major factor in this decision. As always, a knowledgeable team consisting a real estate agent, mortgage broker (if applicable), & real estate attorney will be critical partners when making what is likely the largest investment of your life.

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