Home Security And Surveillance

Home surveillance
Home surveillance are more popular than ever.

According to a recent report from LendingTree, just over half (51%) of all homeowners now use some form of surveillance technology and/or home security system. Interestingly, 72% of millennials and homeowners with children younger than 18 reported using a surveillance system. As for renters, only 32% reported using a home surveillance system. Of course, this number was likely lower due to landlord restrictions.

Top reasons for installing a surveillance system

  • 50% – “I installed it when I moved in for general safety.”
  • 14% – “It was already installed in the house before I moved in.”
  • 11% – “After suspicious activity in my neighborhood.”
  • 7% – “Other”
  • 6% – “To monitor my family.”
  • 6% – “After a package was stolen.”
  • 4% – “After a break-in or attempted break-in.”
  • 2% – “To monitor my pets.”


Cameras are virtually everywhere you go these days. As for homes, perhaps the biggest advantage to having a surveillance system is simply to deter criminals. Oftentimes, criminals will scout an area well in advance of committing a crime. With this said, these criminals are more likely to target a home with no visible surveillance cameras as compared to readily visible cameras throughout the property.

It is also important to remember the prevalence of these cameras when viewing properties as a buyer. Oftentimes, buyers and their agents think they are having a private conversation outside the front of a home but in reality, they are being recorded and listened to by a surveillance camera. For example, a Ring Doorbell System is often the source of a lot of honest buyer feedback.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.