Homes with family-oriented amenities sell faster

The spring home buying season is here and there is no doubt that a large proportion of these buyers have families. It is no secret that the majority of families prefer to conduct their home search in the spring to set up a potential summer move while the children are not in school. Anyone with school-aged children that has ever moved will tell you how much easier it is when you don’t have to factor in things such as school drop-of, pick-up or after-school activities. So what are the most desirable family-features that are currently attracting home buyers? We discuss below.

Family-friendly home features in high demand

When you consider family-friendly features in a home, you have to factor in outdoor activities. For this reason, recent data indicate that homes with a backyard typically sell 5.2 days faster than expected, while properties with a sand box sell 4.5 days faster than expected. As for homes with a playground, you can expect them to sell 2.5 days faster. Does the house have a tree house in the backyard? If so, you can expect it to sell for a 2.2% premium.

Although the difference of selling 4 to 5 days faster may not seem that significant, in the current housing market it is. With homes selling at break-neck speeds overall, a difference of a few days is significant. Furthermore, with the increased prevalence of sight-unseen home purchases, these features must certainly be highlighted in listing photos and property descriptions.

Leverage certain keywords to sell a property faster

Using certain descriptive keywords for a property for sale can make a significant difference. For example, descriptive words such as “cul-de-sac”, “nearby parks”, “community pool”, and “walkable neighborhood” are sure to capture the attention of prospective buyers.

Given the high number of out-of-state Americans looking to move to South Florida, it is also important that you consider this when marketing your property for sale. For example, items such as good school zones, proximity to airports or interstates, and nearby shopping or restaurants can be extremely helpful for out-of-state buyers that are not too familiar with the area.


Although homes in South Florida are selling quickly, it is always important to have a thorough and well thought-out approach to the marketing of any property. At Live South Florida Realty, Inc. this attention to every detail is what consistently results in our listings selling quicker and at higher prices than the market average. Are you thinking about listing your property for sale? Contact us for a free market evaluation today!


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