How much are average closing costs in Florida?

Closing costs in Florida
What are typical closings costs for a home?

“How much will my closing costs be?” This is a common question that we receive from many of our clients here in South Florida. Of course, just like everything else in this economy, the price tag has risen. Recently, ClosingCorp, a provider of residential real estate closing cost data and technology, provided some updated data. For the closing-cost calculation, ClosingCorp included the lender’s title policy, owner’s title policy, appraisal, settlement, recording fees, land surveys and transfer tax, based on CoreLogic data. At the national level, closing costs have increased by 10.5% year-over-year. This is equivalent to $7,000 for the average priced home throughout the country.

The Sunshine State

In Florida, typical closings costs for the averaged priced home are higher at $8,500. The average Florida home price used for this analysis was $368,560. Based on this average home price, total closing costs including taxes were $8,551. If taxes are backed out, it’s $4,484. Ultimately, this puts the average closing costs in Florida at 2.32% of the home’s purchase price, which puts The Sunshine State ranked #8 in the nation. As for the nation’s top 5 highest and lowest closing costs states, we list them below.

Highest closing costs (including taxes)

  • District of Columbia ($30,352)
  • Delaware ($17,831)
  • New York ($17,582)
  • Washington ($13,909)
  • Maryland ($12,056)

Lowest closing costs (including taxes)

  • Missouri ($2,102)
  • Indiana ($2,193)
  • North Dakota ($2,321)
  • Kentucky ($2,355)
  • Wyoming ($2,509)


The average home price across the country increased by almost $45,000 year-over-year. While this is a significant figure, the closing costs, excluding taxes, on the average property only increased by $400. Therefore, closing costs as a percentage of purchase prices declined this year, going from 1.06% of the transaction in 2020 down to 1.03%. It is important to note that these figures do not include potential real estate commissions paid on transactions. Although Florida came in ranked #8 in the nation for typical closing costs, it is important to remember that The Sunshine State also lacks a state income tax. Therefore, we are continuing to see an incredibly high demand from home buyers moving to paradise.

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