Hurricane Preparedness In South Florida

Hurricane preparedness
With a more active hurricane season being predicted, now is the time to prepare.

If you are like many South Floridians and even most Floridians for that matter, then you probably are not paying too much attention to the weather activity in the tropics during the early summer months. However, typically by the time August is wrapping up, most Floridians tend to have a heightened awareness of what may be brewing in the tropics. At the start of the 2023 hurricane season, we shared the 2023 Hurricane Season Forecast. Since then, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has released an Updated 2023 Hurricane Season Outlook. With this said, due to factors such as record-warm sea surface temperatures, NOAA has now increased their prediction for the ongoing 2023 Atlantic hurricane season to an “above normal” level of activity from a “near normal” level. The outlook now includes a 70% chance of 14-21 named storms, of which 6-11 could become hurricanes, and 2-5 could become major hurricanes. Needless to say, it is more important than ever to focus on your hurricane preparedness.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  • Create an evacuation plan. Know where you will go if you need to evacuate, and have a plan for how you will get there. Make sure you have a way to communicate with your family members, and let them know your plan.
  • Assemble a disaster supply kit. This kit should include food, water, medicine, first-aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, a radio, and a whistle. You may also want to include a fire extinguisher, a tarp, and a shovel.
  • Secure your home. Trim trees and shrubs near your home, and make sure your gutters are clean. If you have storm shutters, put them up before the hurricane arrives. If you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows with plywood.
  • Get insurance. Make sure you have flood insurance, as well as homeowners or renters insurance. It is important to remember that once there is a named storm with a forecast track, you will likely be unable to obtain insurance coverage.
  • Help your neighbors. If you have elderly or disabled neighbors, make sure they have a plan for evacuation and that they have the supplies they need.

It’s also important to stay informed about hurricane forecasts and warnings. You can sign up for alerts from the National Hurricane Center and the Florida Division of Emergency Management. In addition, you can also follow these agencies on social media for any updates.


As always, you can never be too prepared for hurricane season. If you have not done so already, it is important to stock up on supplies now. Once a storm is named and a possible track is released, many of these important items become depleted at the stores. In addition, it is also a good idea to keep your vehicles full of fuel should you need to evacuate ahead of a storm.

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By natasha moore

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