Income-producing properties are performing well in today’s market

Owning income-producing properties has always been a great way to supplement your income. However, with the recent run up in home prices many investors have wondered if now is not the best time? After all, as home purchase prices increase, so do the associated mortgage payments (if applicable). A recent analysis aimed to analyze 50 metro markets throughout the nation to determine typical monthly rental prices compared to mortgage prices. We discuss some of these findings below.

Better to rent out your property?

An interesting finding from this study was that 33 of the 50 largest U.S. metro markets feature rents higher than typical monthly mortgage payments. In other words, 66% of properties in these cities would likely produce income as rental properties. The top 10 metro cities ranked in order of their typical respective rental income amounts are as follows:

  • 1. Memphis, TN: +$556/month
  • 2. Miami, FL: +$522/month
  • 3. Atlanta, GA: +$422/month
  • 4. Birmingham, AL: +$403/month
  • 5. Tampa, FL: +$384/month
  • 6. Indianapolis, IN: +$331/month
  • 7. Orlando, FL: +$314/month
  • 8. Charlotte, NC: +$290/month
  • 9. Oklahoma City, OK: +$279/month
  • 10. Detroit, MI: +$268/month


One of the best ways to accumulate wealth is through owning investment properties. As demonstrated by this analysis of 50 metro areas across the country, there are many opportunities to supplement your income by investing in rental properties. If done properly, a rental property should be able to pay for itself while also generating extra income. This additional income can be reinvested in more properties, applied to a retirement account, or even cover the costs of your primary residence.

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