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There is no doubt that the cost of living has risen across the country. Given the increased popularity of many Florida cities among many Americans, the increased demand has certainly impacted real estate prices throughout the state. Recently, the site FloridaRentals.com ranked the cheapest cities to live in Florida. The categories that were considered for these rankings were: leisure, groceries, clothing, transport, utilities, bills, child care, salaries. Furthermore, these factors were weighted against the average annual personal income in each city to create an index of the cheapest cities to live in Florida. Below we share some of their findings:

10 least expensive Florida cities (least to more expensive)

RankCityCost Score
2.Fort Myers60.19
3.Boca Raton59.76
6.Delray Beach57.59
7.West Palm Beach57.31
8.Boynton Beach57.26
9.Deerfield Beach56.32
10.Palm Coast56.20

10 most expensive Florida cities (most to less expensive)

RankCityCost Score
10.St. Petersburg50.25


Although some of these rankings may come as somewhat of a surprise, it is important to remember that the median income can vary significantly across the state. For example, the city of Boca Raton has long had a high-end reputation. However, it came in as the third least expensive city in this report. As always, it is important to consult with a local and knowledgeable real estate in any market to gain a better understanding.

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By natasha moore

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