Most Popular Home Design Trends

Home Design Trends
The latest trends in home design across the country.

Home design trends can vary from state to state and year to year. Recently, the home insurance site conducted its annual report on the latest home trends across the U.S. Overall, 4 home design trends surfaced as the most popular across the country. They were as follows:

  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Tuscan
  • Japanese

We briefly describe each below. To view the full report, click here.

Home design trends

  • Modern: Not surprisingly, modern home design trends led the country as the most popular. In fact, this design was the most popular in 32 of the states in the U.S. The Sunshine State was one of these states where a modern home design was in vogue. By definition, the modern design may change some over time but currently involves a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism and natural finishes.
  • Farmhouse: The farmhouse look came in as the second most popular design trend. This look is considered to be a more relaxed design characterized by natural materials and rustic furniture. As its name suggests, this design gives you the feel of living in the countryside during more simpler times.
  • Tuscan: The third most popular home design trend in the U.S. is Tuscan. In particular, this design is the most popular in three states (Maine, Massachusetts, & New Hampshire). The Tuscan look is considered to be similar to the farmhouse look except that you will notice more natural stone, marble, and neutral colors. Instead of wood floors, you will most likely see natural stone flooring such as marble as well.
  • Japanese: According to this analysis, New Mexico was the lone state that prefers a Japanese home design. With this design, you can expect to see lightness, lack of clutter, white walls, & “zen” finishes. Many people feel that this minimalist approach to home design is timeless and should remain popular for some time.


Overall, the modern home design trend is preferred by 32 states, including Florida. Farmhouse was the second most preferred home design with 14 states opting for this design overall. In third place was the Tuscan design which was favored in 3 states. Lastly, New Mexico was the lone state that opted for the Japanese design. It is important for homeowners to pay attention to home design trends such as this in order to best stay up to date with the most desirable finishes in their local market. If you are considering selling your home in South Florida, contact Natasha at Live South Florida Realty, Inc. today for a free consultation. In addition to being knowledgeable on the most recent home design trends, Natasha will also provide you with an expert home valuation.

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