Move To Florida

Move to Florida
Florida continues to be a top destination for out-of-state moves.

Florida has always been a popular destination for people relocating from all over the country. During the pandemic, we saw this trend become even more popular though. The state’s warm weather, beautiful beaches, and abundance of activities and attractions make it a desirable place to live. In addition, Florida has a strong economy and a low cost of living, which makes it an attractive option for families and retirees alike. Add in the opportunity to work remotely and it became an even easier choice for many to move to Florida. This is evidenced by the data that show 5 of the 10 top metro markets being moved to are in Florida. This is determined by the net in-flow for these metro cities.

Top 10 inbound U.S. metros, Q1 year-over-year

  • #1. Miami: Net inflow 8,600 – top origin city, New York City
  • #2. Phoenix: Net inflow 7,600 – top origin city,  Seattle
  • #3. Las Vegas: Net inflow 6,600 – top origin city, Los Angeles
  • #4. Tampa: Net inflow 6,000 – top origin city, New York City
  • #5. Orlando: Net inflow 5,400 – top origin city, New York City
  • #6. Sacramento: Net inflow 5,400 – top origin city, San Francisco
  • #7. Cape Coral: Net inflow 4,900 – top origin city, Chicago
  • #8. North Port-Sarasota: Net inflow 4,900 – top origin city, Chicago
  • #9. Dallas: Net inflow 4,800 – top origin city, Los Angeles
  • #10. Houston: Net inflow 4,300 – top origin city, New York City

Top outbound U.S. metros, Q1 year-over-year

  • #1. San Francisco: Net outflow 31,100 – top destination city, Sacramento
  • #2. New York: Net outflow 23,400 – top destination city, Miami
  • #3. Los Angeles: Net outflow 20,300 – top destination city, Las Vegas
  • #4. Washington, D.C. : Net outflow 18,000 – top destination city, Miami
  • #5. Boston: Net outflow 5,800 – top destination city, Miami
  • #6. Seattle: Net outflow 4,700 – top destination city, Phoenix
  • #7. Chicago: Net outflow 4,500 – top destination city, Cape Coral
  • #8. Denver: Net outflow 4,200 – top destination city, Chicago
  • #9. Hartford: Net outflow 3,200 – top destination city, Boston
  • #10. Minneapolis: Net outflow 2,500 – top destination city, Chicago


Overall, warm weather climates such as in Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tampa, & Orlando continue to dominate as destinations for many Americans and foreigners. Of course, half of the top 10 destination metro markets are right here in The Sunshine State. As the fastest growing state in 2022, it is apparent that many more people are choosing to move to Florida. In addition to the tropical climate and lack of a state income tax, many more are appreciating the vibrant culture and thriving economy as well.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.