Post-Pandemic Real Estate Trends

Post-Pandemic Real Estate Trends
The pandemic has brought upon some new real estate trends.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed many aspects of life. From the way business is conducted virtually in many circumstances to the liberal use of hand sanitizer by many Americans, our lives have changed in more than just a few ways. The housing market is certainly no different. In fact, it is largely expected that some of these pandemic trends will stick around for the long haul. We highlight a few of these below.

The most desired post-pandemic home features

If there is one certainty form the earlier days of the pandemic, it is that Americans spent a considerable more amount of time in their homes. Therefore, the most desired features of the home have reflected this.

  • Home office: Not surprisingly, the home office has become a standard feature expected by more home buyers. With a record number of Americans now working remotely, the importance of a home office can not be overstated. According to a recent Houzz survey of homeowners and design professionals, 55% of respondents have a home office. Meanwhile, 25% of respondents work from their dining room or kitchen and 10% work from their living room couch. As expected, some of the top challenges encountered by work-from-home Americans include: finding a quiet area in the home to conduct work (30%); securing a computer with a strong Wi-Fi connection (25%); and creating a comfortable workspace (25%). For more information on this topic, check out our previous article titled The Virtual Work Environment And Real Estate.
  • Private outdoor space: Outdoor living has always been a priority, particularly throughout South Florida. With this said, the push for social distancing has certainly reinforced this in recent years. With Americans spending more time at home, it is critical to ensure that all aspects of a property are being maximized to their full potential. This would certainly include the outdoor space.
  • Mudroom: The mudroom is typically the area between the point of entry from a garage into the home. Since the start of the pandemic, this area has also been known as the decontamination area. In addition to being a storage place for shoes and coats, many homeowners are using this area to store grocery or take-out bags as well as a space to disinfect your hands prior to entering the home.


As mentioned above, these post-pandemic trends are likely here to stay. With more Americans opting to work from home, the home office is likely the biggest home trend to come out of the pandemic. In the event that your home is not large enough to have a dedicated home office, some hacks may include:

  • Carve out an office space in a nook or entryway.
  • Turn a hall closet into an office by adding built-ins.
  • Install a vanity cutout on the periphery of the kitchen, in a pantry or wet bar area.
  • Utilize unused space like an upstairs landing or underneath a staircase.

In the event that you are looking to sell your home, you will want to pay close attention to these post-pandemic trends in order to attract the attention of most home buyers. Are you looking to buy or sell a property in the South Florida market? If so, contact Natasha Moore at Live South Florida Realty, Inc. today! In addition, don’t forget to download the free Florida Home Search app for your mobile device.

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