Post-pandemic real estate trends

Second home sales during the pandemic
The pandemic has brought upon a trend in more second home sales.

Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed The Great Reshuffling with many Americans working remotely and thus moving to homes with more space. Although this is still taking place, what post-pandemic trends are we beginning to see? Some observations are quite expected, while others are surprising. We discuss below.

A vacation home boom

Although we have seen an increase in the purchase of second homes or vacation homes during the pandemic, this trend is largely expected even post-pandemic. With the ability for many Americans to work remotely from home or in a hybrid in-office/at-home work model, it is expected that home buyers will continue to prioritize lifestyle and the ability to spend more time enjoying life in their second or vacation homes. When it comes to destinations, The Sunshine State is certainly towards the top of the list of most popular. In fact, Miami, FL has seen the median home price increase by 30%. Furthermore, the threshold to be considered a luxury property nearly doubled from around $1 million to more than $2 million. Needless to say, the luxury home market has seen a substantial growth in interest as well as appreciation.

A millennial push

Another interesting observation in the current market involves the home buying preferences being exhibited by millennials. Many of these buyers are delaying buying their first home until their mid to late 30’s. In doing this, many of these buyers are skipping over buying starter homes. Instead, we are seeing an unusual percentage of these buyers purchasing in the million dollars-plus range. As a result, this is adding to the already high demand for luxury homes.


The popularity of destinations such as Florida during the pandemic has been well established. As we have written about previously, the lower cost of living combined with increased prevalence of Americans working from home has certainly bolstered the growth in The Sunshine State. At Live South Florida Realty, Inc., we have assisted many clients with finding their dream homes in paradise & we would be happy to assist you as well.

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