Realtor Boca Raton

REALTOR Boca Raton FL… I’m Natasha Moore with Live South Florida Realty. South Florida is an amazing place to live. I love it here! And, I love sharing my knowledge of this paradise I call home. I have a passion for helping people with their real estate needs.  I’m committed to providing the best level of service to ensure the best possible experience. My areas of expertise are Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, and surrounding Palm Beach county and Broward county areas.

Why work with Natasha?

  • Natasha provides timely and thorough communiciation.
  • Natasha has the local expertise and is extremely responsive.
  • Natasha is someone you can trust.

Communication is so incredibly important to being a realtor Boca Raton, which is why I ensure I’m always accessible and extremely responsive. I leverage technology to ensure the entire process is as efficient and convenient as possible. Whether I’m working with a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor I have the knowledge, professionalism and expertise to guide my clients every step of the way.

Before becoming a realtor, I obtained fellowship of the casualty actuary society and worked as an actuary for 25 years. I believe that experience sets me apart from other agents. My strong analytical skills enable me to deeply understand trends in the real estate market and puts me in a strong negotiating position.

There aren’t too many places where you can live full time and feel like you are on vacation. That’s why we called our company Live South Florida Realty. I’m a native to south Florida but I have lived in various places such as New York, Canada, and Texas. There is no other place I want to live other than south Florida. I love the weather, especially in the winter. I love the ocean and access to water sports. And, it’s been a great place to raise my family.

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when a transaction closes and my client can move on to the next chapter of their life. Whether is the sale of a home and upgrading to a new home. Or, maybe it’s leaving a large home and moving to an oceanfront condo. Or, finally realizing a dream of living in a luxury waterfront property. It’s all about my clients realizing their dreams. Let me help you realize yours. Call me at (561) 352-6932.


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