Should you convert your attic space?

Unlike in other states, homes in Florida do not typically have basements. However, some do have fairly large attic spaces. In most cases, these spaces are used to store items such as boxes of photos, clothing, books, and holiday decorations. Of course, the desire for additional space has led many to remodel their attics to convert them to function as other rooms. Is this a good idea? The answer depends on various factors such as your home’s layout, the amount of space in the attic, and other considerations. We discuss some pros and cons of converting your attic space below.

Pros of an attic conversion

Assuming there is enough space, an attic may be converted to a home office or even an extra bedroom. As a home office, it may even be the quietest room in the house. In addition, the extra square footage under air could prove to be beneficial at resale. Another benefit of an attic conversion is that it adds usable living space without changing the footprint of the home. This allows you to not have to build out an addition, resulting in less yard space.

Cons of an attic conversion

As expected, if you convert your attic into a bedroom or office you will no longer have it to use as a storage room. Assuming the house has a garage, chances are that the storage space there is already being utilized. In fact, most households have so many items stored in their garage that they do not even park their cars in it. Another factor to consider for the attic is ceiling height. If the space does not permit an adult to stand and walk around in it, then it is probably best to be left strictly as a storage space. Lastly, it is important to remember that the attic can get particularly warm. Regardless of whether it is converted to another functional room or simply left for storage, it is important to ensure that the room is properly insulated. If making this space climate controlled is feasible, this will also help tremendously.


For most homes in South Florida, the attic space is simply not large enough to convert to a functional room. However, finishing an attic space so that it is functional for storage is a great idea. Furthermore, it is also a great idea to remove any blown-in insulation and replace it with either open or closed-cell foam insulation. Not only will this result in optimal insulation for the attic, it will also make it much cleaner and more accessible. After all, it is much easier to store you items without having to contend with all of that blown-in insulation everywhere.

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