Should you sell your home now or wait for spring?

Sell your home now or in the spring?
Proper timing of listing your home sale can result in a significant difference in the sales price and overall experience.

Every year during the fall and winter months, many sellers ask the same question: “Should I sell my home now or wait for the spring?” This is understandable given the fact that we are all aware of the “spring home buying season” when many buyers enter the market to set themselves up for a late spring or summer move into a new home. We discuss some advantages of both selling now or waiting until the spring below.

Factors to consider

  • Less competition from other sellers during the fall & winter months: As we approach mid-November and into December/January, we typically see less sellers listing their homes for sale. Oftentimes, the reason for this is to not be bothered with showings during the various end of the year holidays. With this said, this means that as a seller you will likely have less competition from other sellers during these months.
  • There are serious buyers during the fall & winter months: Homes are bought and sold throughout the year. With this said, there are serious buyers in the market during any seasons of the year. In fact, this market is particularly different in that there are still many buyers remaining in the market due to the fact that they were outbid on properties earlier in the year.
  • Real estate transactions tend to be quicker during the fall & winter months: Given the fact that there is typically less volume of real estate transactions during the fall & winter months, it is quite possible that selling a home now can be a faster and more seamless experience. With mortgage lenders having less loans to process and real estate attorneys having less closings, the entire process can go remarkably quick during these months.
  • Inflationary pressures could continue to drive up home prices: With the price of virtually everything going up, it is possible that home prices could continue to rise even if slightly. This could possibly be a reason to wait to list your home for sale in the spring.


Much like the stock market, it is incredibly difficult to perfectly time the top or bottom of the real estate market. With this said, a goal for any home seller is to list their home for sale during a time that will give them the best chance to get top dollar. Typically, most would believe that this would be during the time when there are the most buyers in the market. While this is partially true, sellers must also consider the amount of competition from other sellers as well. The more choices buyers have, the greater the chance that your property could remain on the market longer than expected. As with any real estate transaction, it is always advisable to consult your local and knowledgeable real estate agent. If you are located in South Florida, Live South Florida Realty, Inc. has trusted and knowledgeable real estate agents from Miami to Port Saint Lucie, FL. Be sure to contact us today!

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.

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