Smart homes are in higher demand

As mentioned in previous articles, there have been many byproducts of the current pandemic. With many Americans throughout the country stuck in their homes for much of the past 9 months, a consistent desire has been to expect more from their homes. With this said, 25% more people are interested in smart home technology than before the pandemic began. The reasons include wanting more functionality from the home while also promoting less contact and potential spread of any antigens. Utilizing either voice-activation or various smart device applications, homeowners can essentially control the entire home with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. According to a survey from and YouGov, one in four Americans (25%) said they’re more interested in smart home technology now that they’re spending more time at home. In addition, 41% of current smart-home technology owners bought at least one device or feature since the pandemic began.

The most commonly owned products are smart TVs (36%), smart home speakers (22%), smart doorbells (12%), robot vacuums (10%) and connected climate control systems/smart thermostats (10%). Below is a summary of the findings of the survey from and YouGov.

Top smart-home priorities: security

  • When asked to select just one smart home feature to add to their home, a high-tech security system ranked first (21%)
  • When choosing a smart home feature that would make a new home most desirable, two of the most popular responses were a smart doorbell with camera (36%) and high-tech security system (34%)
  • A larger share of respondents was willing to pay more for a home with a high-tech security system (21%) and a smart doorbell with a camera (21%)
  • When asked to describe a futuristic home, 22% selected a “fortress of safety” that can protect against climate-related challenges

Top smart-home priorities: features

  • When describing a futuristic home with smart features, the most popular selection (35%) was a green, energy-efficient home
  • When asked which feature would make a new home more desirable, the top responses include solar roof tiles (37%), a home battery pack to store solar energy (32%) and standalone solar panels (24%)
  • Many consumers are willing to pay more for these green features that could have a return on investment – including solar roof tiles (24%), a home battery pack (20%) and standalone solar panels (17%)
  • When asked to pick just one smart home feature that would improve their current living space, a connected climate control system/smart thermostat (17%) was the second most popular choice

Top smart-home priorities: entertainment and relaxation

  • When asked which features would make a new home more desirable, 26% said a high-tech home theater, and 18% want TVs that pop up out of dressers or drop down from the ceiling
  • 18% wanted a sleep sanctuary with ambient sound, soothing music and a bed that automatically adjusts for the perfect night’s sleep
  • 15% selected a high-tech massage chair
  • 6% like the idea of an automatic cocktail maker


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