Some things you should never do to your house

We’ve all read plenty of articles containing helpful remodeling tips for the home. However, what about some items that you should never do to your home? Below we highlight a few mistakes that some homeowners tend to make and you should avoid.

Avoid these mistakes in the home

  • Plant a tree close to your home: It may be tempting to plant a cute tree next to your home, however you need to think into the future. As trees grow, they may drop leaves, branches, and limbs onto your roof. In addition, tree limbs that touch the home may be inviting rodents and other animals onto your roof and potentially into your house. The tree’s proximity may also present a hazard should a strong storm or hurricane hit. Furthermore, invasive root systems from trees are always seeking water. This may lead to a weakened foundation for the home or even damaged sewer pipes. For these reasons, medium to tall trees should be planted at least 30 to 50 feet from the home.
  • Flush “flushable” wipes down the toilet: Despite their “flushable” name, these wipes do not disintegrate like toilet paper does. Ask any plumber and they will likely be able to tell you stories about these wipes and other items that have been flushed into sewer systems. A simple rule of thumb is to not flush non-organic items down the drain.
  • Put starchy food down the garbage disposal: Garbage disposals have certainly become more advanced over the years. However, starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, and oatmeal can still wreak havoc on these systems. The reason starchy foods are a problem is because they tend to clump up when they hit water. This leads to clogged disposals and pipes.
  • Leave cabinet doors on while painting: Simply painting wood cabinetry can go a long ways in giving any room a completely new look. While it may seem tempting to leave the cabinet doors on while painting, you should never do this. The reason being is that your cabinets will never look as good as if you had removed the doors prior to painting. A professional job will ensure the most value at resale.
  • Keep an old-fashioned thermostat: As you can imagine, an old-fashioned thermostat is not programmable and will simply maintain the same temperature at all times of the day. With today’s smart thermostats, you will be able to adjust the temperature either via programming or even via Wi-Fi or a smartphone app. A programmable thermostat saves a typical household approximately $131-$145 per year. Therefore, these modern thermostats can practically pay for themselves over time.
  • Clean windows on a sunny day: Although a warm, sunny day may seem like the perfect time to clean your windows, it actually may not be. The reason for this is because the sun tends to dry the windows too quickly causing smears. You are better off waiting for a cloudy day to perform this chore.


As a homeowner, it is always important to think practically in order to prevent potentially costly maintenance issues down the road. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, it is important to educate yourself on best practices in the home. Oftentimes, we see various housekeeping myths that have stayed alive for many generations. For example, most plumbers will tell you that pouring bleach or drain cleaning product down the drain is generally not friendly to your sewer pipes. In South Florida, we oftentimes see mistakes when it comes to hurricane preparedness as well. For example, many homeowners still opt to tape their windows in advance for a hurricane’s landfall. This practice has been proven to not be protective whatsoever and can actually exacerbate a glass window shattering due to flying debris from a storm.

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