The 10 Hottest Rental Markets Of 2023

Hottest rental markets
South Florida continues to be one of the hottest rental markets in the country.

In 2023, the rental market was a roller coaster. Rent prices soared, competition was fierce, and finding an apartment felt like winning the lottery (sometimes literally). But which cities were the hottest of the hot? Which metros saw the most renters vying for the scarcest square footage? Below, we discuss the results from RentCafe’s analysis of the hottest rental markets of 2023.

Hottest rental markets of 2023

1. Miami-Dade County, FL: ☀️ No surprise here, Miami takes the crown. Sun, sand, and a booming tech scene fueled an influx of new residents, pushing occupancy rates past 97% and sending rents skyrocketing.

2. North Jersey, NJ: ️ New Jersey’s proximity to New York City made it a prime spot for spillover renters seeking lower costs and more space. But don’t call it just a bedroom community – Newark’s revitalization and a strong job market are heating things up in its own right.

3. Milwaukee, WI: This Midwestern gem surprised everyone with its hot rental market. Strong job growth, affordable living, and a vibrant beer scene made Milwaukee a magnet for young professionals and families alike.

4. Grand Rapids, MI: ️Michigan’s second-largest city is becoming a tech hub, attracting companies and talent from all over. This, coupled with a relatively low cost of living, drove serious competition for the city’s apartments.

5. Suburban Chicago, IL: ️ Escape the Windy City bustle but stay close to the action? Suburban Chicago offered the perfect compromise, with charming towns, good schools, and (slightly) more breathing room. Just be prepared to face some stiff competition.

6. Omaha, NE: The “Big O” might not be the first city that comes to mind for hot rentals, but its steady economy, low unemployment, and surprisingly vibrant arts scene made it a desirable landing spot for many. Plus, who can resist those delicious steaks?

7. Broward County, FL: ️ ☀️ Miami’s less flashy (but equally sunny) neighbor saw its own rental boom. Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, booming cruise industry, and growing tech sector attracted renters seeking a more relaxed South Florida vibe.

8. Suburban Philadelphia, PA: Philly’s suburbs offered a mix of historic charm, family-friendly neighborhoods, and easy access to the city’s job market. No wonder renters flocked to places like Main Line and Montgomery County.

9. Brooklyn, NY: While Manhattan might have cooled off a bit, Brooklyn’s rental market remained red-hot. Its diverse neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, and artistic energy continue to draw young people and families willing to face the competitive grind.

10. Central Jersey, NJ: Rounding out the list is another New Jersey entry. Central Jersey offered affordability, proximity to the beach, and a growing sense of community, making it a smart choice for those priced out of pricier areas.


Given the number of Americans opting to relocate to South Florida, it is not surprise that both the Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets were considered two of the hottest rental markets in the country for 2023. Needless to say, this underscores the opportunity that remains for investing in South Florida real estate. At Live South Florida Realty, Inc. we have assisted many clients with their real estate investments that have led to tremendous returns.

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By natasha moore

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