The 10 Most Competitive Rental Markets

Top 10 rental markets
Florida tops the charts for most competitive rental markets.

At times it seems as if everyone is moving to Florida. This has been even more pronounced over the past few years as remote working environments allowed more Americans to relocate virtually anywhere in the country. In fact, warm weather, a lack of state income tax, and looser pandemic-related restrictions (freedom) has turned The Sunshine State into the most sought-after region by renters in 2022. Recently, the site RentCafe published a report ranking the most competitive rental markets in the country. This report was based on the following criteria:

  • # of days for rental vacancies
  • % of apartments that were occupied
  • # of prospective renters competing for apartments
  • % of renters that renewed their leases
  • the share of new apartments completed

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Top 10 rental markets

South Florida seems to top the charts for most real estate rankings these days and the rental market is certainly no different. In fact, the Miami-Dade rental market ranked as the most competitive in the country. The top 10 list according to this report were as follows:

  • #1. Miami-Dade County
  • #2. Harrisburg, PA
  • #3. Orlando, FL
  • #4. Southwest FL
  • #5. North Jersey, NJ
  • #6. Grand Rapids, MI
  • #7. Rochester, NY
  • #8. Central Jersey, NJ
  • #9. Milwaukee, WI
  • #10. Broward County, FL


With home prices and mortgage rates significantly higher, more Americans are opting to remain or re-enter the rental market. While many of these renters are currently priced out of the home buying market, others are preferring to stay on the sidelines in the event that home prices correct some in the near future. The result of this is an ultra-competitive rental market. Add in the constant influx of Americans moving to the South Florida area and you can certainly see why it is the most competitive rental market in the country. Are you looking to buy, sell, or rent property in South Florida? Contact Natasha at Live South Florida Realty, Inc. today!

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