The Airbnb of private pool rentals?

We’ve all heard of homes or even rooms of homes being rented out temporarily on various sites. However, have you ever heard of renting out your private pool? Although Florida is home to more than 2 million private pools, there are many Floridians that do not have access to one. Enter Swimply, a relatively new app that allows private pool owners to list their pools for rent by the hour. On average, most private pool rentals seem to be priced between $15 – $75 depending on the location. Of course, the price can be higher and is ultimately set by the pool owner.

How it works for hosts

If you are a private pool owner and would like to rent out your pool by the hour, Swimply allows you to create your own listing where you post photos and set your own hourly rate. As prospective guests browse your listing description and photos looking to rent your pool by the hour, they may also chat with you prior to booking. Once a reservation is approved, the guest pays via the Swimply site and their appointment is booked. Swimply does charge a 15% service fee for all bookings. In addition, Swimply provides a $1 million dollar insurance policy that protects hosts for up to $1 million for general liability claims.

How it works for guests

Upon entering the website or app, guests are able to search for private pools for rent by location, date, and length of time desired. If you have questions about a particular pool, you may utilize the chat feature to communicate directly with the host. Once you find a pool that you would like to reserve, a secure payment is made via Swimply and the reservation is confirmed. Any specific details about your reservation would then be sent to you via the reservation confirmation.


Since the pandemic, there has been a considerable spike in outdoor activities. This has led to increased demand for everything outdoors from bicycles to paddle boards and boats. Interestingly, many pool owners admit that they do not use their pools very often. Swimply offers these owners an opportunity to help offset their costs by renting out their pool by the hour.

Moving forward, Swimply is also launching a new service called Joyspace. This new service will allow opportunities for property owners to list other amenities for rent by the hour. These amenities include, but are not limited to: tennis courts, basketball courts, private gyms, home studios, and more. As always, any homeowner considering listing their amenities for rent by the hour should confirm that this is acceptable with their local city/town ordinances.

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