The “Cloffice”. A new room in real estate

Introducing the “cloffice”. This is the room formerly known as a closet that is now being converted to an office. With the pandemic forcing more people to either work or attend school from home, many Americans are modifying their current living environments to adapt. For many, the living room table or kitchen counter served as the temporary workspace for many months. Now, people are seeking more privacy and a quiet working environment. Hence, the closet conversion affectionately known as the cloffice.

One of the hottest home design trends of 2021

Recently, Pinterest named the cloffice as one of the hottest design trends of the year. As a matter of fact, many homeowners are even getting creative with their closet doors to add style while maximizing privacy. With more home buyers looking for multi-functional rooms, the cloffice offers a creative presentation during home showings. This is a multi-functional feature that should be highlighted in any real estate marketing efforts. In addition, converting a cloffice back to a regular closet is not labor intensive or costly either. This makes it even more appealing to home buyers.

Cloffice design

When converting a closet into an office, it is important to remember a few items:

  • Ensure there is ample overhead lighting: due to the lack of windows, adequate lighting is critical
  • Install an appropriate desk that maximizes the space
  • Consider wallpaper or artwork to dress up the space
  • Use open shelving above the desk & bookcases on the sides to maximize space and storage


With more Americans working from home permanently, multi-functional room design appears to be a permanent trend. While some homeowners are deciding to sell their properties in order to upgrade to a larger home with more rooms, this is not an option for all homeowners. Therefore, it is important to identify various spaces in the home that may be used for other purposes. If space is limited, then multi-functional rooms may be the answer. The good news is that some of these design changes may be done relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, highlighting these updates when selling a home is also very important.

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