The Disinfectant Room

When looking at properties, there are typically some common items that are looked for. For example, how many bedrooms or bathrooms; a garage; or a pool? What about a “disinfectant room”? Could this be a new feature of the American Home?

A makeover for the mud room

For years, many homes have incorporated a “mud room”. This is typically a small room located as you enter through the garage. It is common for this section of the house to have some storage areas for shoes to be taken off and placed in. In addition, perhaps some hooks to hang some coats or other items as you enter the home.

Nowadays, these rooms are taking on a small renovation of their own. While the concept remains the same, some added features may include a hand-washing station, hand sanitizer, temporary shoe coverings, or even gowns to wear over your clothing. In addition, copper-based metals – including brass – are being incorporated within the design for their self-sterilizing powers. Copper ions happen to be natural antimicrobials that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Virus-killing robots?

Believe it or not, some apartment buildings and high-end condos are even investing in COVID-19 killing robots. These devices use UV-C lights to kill germs in common areas, such as lobbies, elevators and package rooms. Upon request, some personal residences have even implemented these devices. The robots can cost about $125,000 each, and the UV light must come into contact with a specific surface to kill viruses and bacteria.


While we are not advocating for a $125,000 investment in a sanitation robot, there are some changes being implemented in homes due to the pandemic. A few minor additions to the typical mud room may be well received by buyers in this market. As always, market preferences continue to evolve and it is important to be aware of any changes. In some cases, the smallest upgrades can be difference!


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