The future of all white kitchens and other trends

The kitchen is the center piece of any home. It is where everyone tends to gather when entertaining or cooking and therefore is oftentimes looked upon as the most important room of a home. In recent years, there has been a significant spike in the number of kitchen designs transitioning to all white cabinetry and counter tops. Like all design trends, homeowners should be aware of how quickly some of these trends may fade away though. While white kitchens will still be popular in the new year, many designers are beginning to explore other finishes.

2021 and beyond

After a year like 2020, the new year represents new hope and new beginnings unlike any other year in recent history. With this said, many designers feel that this will also provide reason for home owners to be more bold in their kitchen designs. This is not to say that white cabinetry will all of a sudden be out of favor, however we may start seeing some more contrasting styles. After all, most people will want to forget about anything that reminds them of the year 2020.

Some of the other trends that we may see in the new year include more kitchens opting to not have upper cabinets in effort to have a more open and clean look. In addition, we are seeing mobile kitchen islands being utilized. In other words, kitchen islands that are on wheels may allow for more versatility in the home. For example, they may serve as a place for homework to be completed in the afternoon before being utilized to prepare dinner in the evening.

The current pandemic has certainly put a higher focus on hygiene and this has impacted many interior home designs. As a result, a strong emphasis has been placed on various touch-less technologies. Motion sensor lights and faucets encourage less contact and thus potential spreading of germs. With this said, we expect the demand for smart home technologies to increase as well. These systems are also capable of integrating voice-activated devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home/Nest.


If you are a homeowner that is thinking about listing your home for sale in 2021, you will want to be mindful of the various design trends in the market. While the world is ready to get back to normal, we fully expect some of the pandemic-induced design changes to remain. With this said, it will be critical for sellers to adapt to these changes in order to make their properties as appealing as possible..

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