The impact of inflation on the real estate market

Inflation and real estate
Home buyers and sellers are reacting in various ways to inflationary pressures.

With the inflation rate at a nearly 40-year high, you don’t need to look far to feel the effects. From the fuel pump to the grocery store and everything in between, Americans are having to spend significantly more money on essentially everything. With this said, inflationary pressures are also affecting both home buyers’ and home sellers’ decision making and plans. As an example, higher fuel costs may force a home buyer to consider a home purchase that will result in a shorter commute to work. On the flip side, some buyers opt to spend less money on a home further from work in order to utilize the cost savings on a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Home buyer and seller reaction

A recent study looked at home buyers and sellers that are looking to buy or sell within the next 12 months. Below are the findings:

  • Overall, 73% of both buyers and sellers stated that inflation is influencing their future plans.
  • 29% of home buyers are delaying their plans due to inflation.
  • 24% of home buyers are moving up their plans due to inflation.
  • 11% of home buyers are canceling their plans due to inflation.
  • 7% of home sellers are delaying their plans due to inflation.
  • 10% of home sellers are moving up their plans due to inflation.
  • 3% of home sellers are canceling their plans due to inflation.


The current record-breaking inflation level is impacting American budgets across the country. Interestingly, we see people respond differently in the real estate market as evidenced with the survey results above. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that all real estate is local. Therefore, it is critical that you closely study your local real estate market in order to make an educated decision. For example, the South Florida housing market continues to see robust demand and this is expected for the foreseeable future. Therefore, many home buyers in this region may choose to move up their home buying plans as compared to those in other markets throughout the country.

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