The importance of modernizing a garage

The garage used to be just storage for vehicles. lawn equipment, or other tools. However, garages have evolved over the years to become workshops, home gyms, and now even home offices. Therefore, it is important to not neglect this important part of the house. Whether it is for resale or simply to utilize yourself, modernizing your garage can dramatically change the versatility of this important part of the house.

Upgrades to make the garage more desirable

  1. Install a high-impact, insulated garage door: This is particularly important in South Florida. The garage door should most certainly be included in your home’s overall storm protection plan. Therefore, it is critical that you install a door that is rated for high-impact. In addition, an insulated door will go a long ways in keeping your garage from becoming even hotter due to the South Florida climate. Depending on the garage’s exposure to the sun, an insulated door can be a huge difference maker.
  2. Install an automatic door opener: Although this may seem obvious, an automatic garage door opener has become standard for any garage. Theses doors will allow for remote access which makes the garage a lot more accessible and convenient.
  3. Upgrade the flooring: With garages becoming more multi-functional, it is important to consider aesthetics when modernizing this important room. Assuming that you will be parking a vehicle in the garage, you will want to be sure that the floor covering is durable for this application. Some options for the garage floors include polished concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile, vinyl, or even epoxy covering.
  4. Consider comfort when making upgrades: As mentioned previously, the garage has morphed into many different things. In addition to vehicle storage, this room has become a home gym, an art studio, a gaming room, and even a home office. Therefore, it is critical to consider the room’s comfort when modernizing this space. In addition to insulating this room, it is a good idea to add an appropriate HVAC system. The increasingly popular mini-split HVAC systems are quite commonly seen in garages. In South Florida particularly, this one upgrade will make all the difference in the world when modernizing the space.
  5. Utilize custom cabinetry to maximize wall space: As more homeowners attempt to maximize every square foot of the home, the garage’s wall space becomes even more important. In fact, this has led to a specialization for some contractors. Depending on the intended use, custom cabinetry would be a great compliment to an optimally redesigned garage space.


The past year has certainly led many homeowners to reconsider their living space. In addition, this has also carried over into what buyers are looking for when purchasing a home. Although you may not be considering listing your home for sale in the near future, it is important to always keep resale in mind. Whether you are simply utilizing your garage for vehicle and other storage, or it is being converted to a home gym or office, a modern design will make this room more enjoyable.

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