The Importance Of Visiting A Home Before Buying

Buying a home
There is no substitution for seeing a property in person.

Buying a home is likely the largest financial transaction in most of our lives. With this said, it is important to do your due diligence on any property prior to moving forward with a purchase. Of course, technological advances such as virtual tours, and live video tours have made it much more convenient for home buyers. Heck, you could be half way across the world and be able to take part in a complete live video tour of a property right from your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. In fact, at Live South Florida Realty, Inc., we have assisted many clients with these types of showings. Nonetheless, there is no substitution for actually visiting a property in person. In particular, getting a feel for not only the property but also the neighborhood is extremely important. Below, we discuss several reasons why you should always consider an in-person visit to any property that you are considering.

Advantages of buying a home in person

  • Layout of the home: Although a video tour of a home can give you a good idea of the layout of the home, there is no substitution for actually walking through the property. In addition, this is the best way to get an accurate feel for the amount of space in the home.
  • Identify any potential problems. A visit will give you a chance to inspect the home for any obvious or hidden problems. Look for things like cracks in the foundation, water damage, and pest infestations. Of course, you will also want to hire a professional home inspector to identify any issues that you may not be able to see on your own.
  • To assess the neighborhood. The neighborhood is just as important as the home itself. When you visit, take some time to drive around and get a feel for the area. Look at the other homes, the schools, and the amenities. Ask yourself if it’s a place where you and your family would be happy living. A best practice is to visit the neighborhood during the evenings and weekends since this is when more people will likely be home.
  • Take notes: Although this may seem simple, most buyers do not do this. In particular, this is extremely helpful if you are visiting multiple properties in the same day or week. As a best practice, have your real estate agent print a listing sheet for the property for you and be sure to take notes on this sheet.
  • Assess potential noise pollution: Whether it is loud neighbors or a busy highway nearby, you will likely not be able to ascertain the level of noise pollution a specific property will have without visiting it in person. Although a video tour can be beneficial, it will likely not tell you how noisy a neighborhood is. In fact, to best determine how noisy a neighborhood is, it is best to visit it during various times of the day and week.


Buying a home “sight unseen” was quite common during the pandemic and throughout 2021. With a red-hot housing market, particularly here in South Florida, many buyers were trying to move swiftly whenever a new listing would hit the market. Although getting a property under contract remotely is still an effective tactic, it is highly advisable that you view the property in person before the inspection period ends on your contract. Needless to say, visiting a home before buying it is an essential step in the home buying process. It will give you a chance to get a feel for the space, identify any potential problems, assess the neighborhood, and see how the home feels. By taking the time to visit a home in person, you can increase your chances of buying a home that you’ll love for years to come.

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By natasha moore

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