The most glamorous city in the U.S.

South Florida has always been one of the most desirable destinations in the U.S. As has been documented on this site and many others, The Sunshine State has continued its popularity through the pandemic with more people moving here. Interestingly, a new report from LawnStarter set out to analyze data to determine the ritziest and glitziest city in the U.S. The results of this study reflected the “Glamour Capitals of America”. The report compared the 50 biggest U.S. cities across 20 key “glam” factors — from the number of Michelin-starred restaurants and country clubs to Fashion Week events to household wealth.

Miami: The Magic City

As if there were not enough reasons to move to South Florida already, Miami came in as the top most glamorous city according to this study. With a wide array of cocktail bars, lounges and nightclubs, Miami has more than any other city in the U.S. Do you enjoy shopping? If so, Miami also took the top spot in four shopping categories including luxury fashion, jewelry, watch, and perfume shops. As for the number of 5-start hotels, Miami came in at #4 in the rankings for this category.

Other “Most Glamorous Cities”

Florida was also represented on this list by Tampa, which came in ranked #8. The overall top 10 most glamorous cities were as follows:

  • #1: Miami
  • #2: New York
  • #3: San Francisco
  • #4: Las Vegas
  • #5: Atlanta
  • #6: Los Angeles
  • #7: Honolulu
  • #8: Tampa
  • #9: Washington D.C.
  • #10: Boston


When it comes to rewards and accolades, South Florida continues to be mentioned in any discussion. Although we have known about this tropical paradise forever, many other Americans are now beginning to realize this as well. Interestingly, we are also seeing corporations more interested in relocating to The Sunshine State as well. Should this continue to happen, it will only further strengthen the Florida economy. If you are considering a relocation to South Florida and have questions, we can help. Contact Live South Florida Realty, Inc. today!


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