The Most Haunted States In America

most haunted states
Happy Halloween from Live South Florida Realty, Inc.!

Happy Halloween from Live South Florida Realty, Inc. In the spirit of this ghoulish occasion, we thought we would share a top 10 list of the most haunted states in America, according to Of course, if you’d also like to see a list of the scariest and most haunted places in America, click here.

The top 10 scariest states

Based on the number of paranormal activities reported by residents, the top 10 scariest states are as follows:

  • #1. Texas
  • #2. California
  • #3. Ohio
  • #4. Michigan
  • #5. Illinois
  • #6. Indiana
  • #7. Pennsylvania
  • #8. Oklahoma
  • #9. New York
  • #10. Virginia


The Sunshine State tends to lead the country in most desirable rankings. Fortunately, when it comes to being one of the scariest states, Florida did not break the top 10. If you are curious about the number of ghost sightings per state, click here. Are you considering buying a property in South Florida that is not haunted? We can help! Contact our team at Live South Florida Realty, Inc. today! In addition, be sure to download our free treat known as the Florida Home Search app. (no tricks here)…

By natasha moore

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