The Most Overvalued Rental Markets

Overvalued rental markets
Are some rental housing markets becoming overvalued?

In yesterday’s article titled Is the Housing Market Overvalued? we discussed where home prices may be more at risk of a slight price correction. In this article, we will discuss the findings from a recent analysis of rental prices conducted by the Florida Atlantic University Real Estate Initiative and Florida Gulf Coast University’s Lucas Institute of Real Estate Development and Finance.

As we have seen with home prices during the past few years, rental rates have also increased dramatically. This analysis looked to rank the 25 most overvalued rental markets from among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. The study utilized the Zillow Observed Rent Index (ZORI) to model rental trends. Based on the history of rental prices, this model indicates where rental prices should be relative to where they actually are.

Top 10 most overvalued rental markets

Florida cities represented 10 of the top 25 most overvalued rental markets across the country’s largest metropolitan areas. The full results of this study can be found here. Below are the top 10 most overvalued rental markets of which Florida cities represented all top 5 slots and 6 out of the top 10 cities.

1Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL$2,832$2,325.9921.75%
2Fort Myers, FL$2,052$1,736.6818.16%
3Tampa, FL$2,029$1,732.9917.08%
4North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL$2,402$2,053.4016.98%
5Port St. Lucie, FL$2,201$1,903.8815.61%
6Kileen, TX$1,322$1,145.0015.46%
7Bakersfield, CA$1,688$1,473.9314.52%
8Lakeland, FL$1,808$1,579.5614.46%
9Phoenix, AZ$1,921$1,678.8714.42%
10Knoxville, TN$1,526$1,334.6914.33%


Although Florida cities represented 6 of the top 10 most overvalued metropolitan rental markets, it is important to consider the migration pattern that we have seen in The Sunshine State over the past several years. With more Americans being able to work remotely from any location, we have seen many transplants relocate to paradise while still working for their employers in that are located in more expensive markets. Needless to say, this trend has driven up demand and thus prices dramatically. Moving forward, we expect the remote working environment to be completely adopted by many organizations thus removing all boundaries for where Americans must live. This will ultimately continue to bode well for the Florida housing market.

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