The most tax-friendly states

The most tax-friendly states in the U.S.
Where does Florida rank among the most tax-friendly states?

A tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and even freedom (as of late) are several reasons many Americans have been drawn to The Sunshine State. However, various cost of living parameters have also been quite an attraction to Americans opting to move south. Recently, MoneyGeek performed an analysis ranking every state by how “tax-friendly” it is. The analysts didn’t just look at income tax – they also factored in property taxes, plus state and local sales taxes. In order to level set this analysis, MoneyGeek used data that would reflect a hypothetical family. This included: a married couple with one kid, earning the median national income of $82,852, owning a $349,400 home.

States with the lowest tax burden

  • 1. Wyoming (estimated taxes: 4% of income or $3,279)
  • 2. Nevada (estimated taxes: 4.7% of income or $3,879)
  • 3. Alaska (estimated taxes: 5.4% of income or $4,507)
  • 4. Florida (estimated taxes: 5.6% of income or $4,632)
  • 5. Tennessee (estimated taxes: 6.5% of income or $5,377)
  • 6. Washington (estimated taxes: 6.5% of income or $5,414)
  • 7. North Dakota (estimated taxes: 6.7% of income or $5,556)
  • 8. Arizona (estimated taxes: 6.8% of income or $5,665)
  • 9. South Dakota (estimated taxes: 7.2% of income or $5,938)
  • 10. Delaware (estimated taxes: 7.3% of income or $6,074)

States with the highest tax burden

  • 1. Illinois (estimated taxes: 16.8% of income or $13,894)
  • 2. Connecticut (estimated taxes: 15.1% of income or $12,545)
  • 3. New Jersey (estimated taxes: 14.3% of income or $11,872)
  • 4. New Hampshire (estimated taxes: 14.1% of income or $11,694)
  • 5. New York (estimated taxes: 13.9% of income or $11,495)
  • 6. Iowa (estimated taxes: 13.8% of income or $11,398)
  • 7. Wisconsin (estimated taxes: 13.2% of income or $10,976)
  • 8. Vermont (estimated taxes: 12.6% of income or $10,453)
  • 9. Nebraska (estimated taxes: 12.6% of income or $10,446)
  • 10. Michigan (estimated taxes: 12.4% of income or $10,239)


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