The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season

Did you know? Today, September 10th, marks the official climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. In other words, this is when the conditions are most optimal for tropical storms and hurricanes over the largest area. With this said, this is the time of year when the hurricane basin has had the most hurricanes and named storms over the course of history. Although disturbances known as tropical waves tend to peak in the month of July, they remain numerous in September. These tropical waves act as the seedlings for tropical storms and hurricanes. Two other factors that collide resulting in ideal conditions for storm formation are increased ocean temperatures combined with low wind shear.

Interestingly, since 1966, approximately three-quarters of Atlantic hurricane seasons have had at least one active named storm on September 10th. Additionally, half of all seasons have had at least one active hurricane on this date.

What is ahead in this hurricane season?

With 12 named storms already, this has certainly been an active season. Of these 12 named storms, 5 of them have become hurricanes. We have had 6 U.S. landfalls from named storms this season including Claudette (formed over Louisiana), Danny, Elsa, Fred, Henri and Ida. When looking at the statistics, an average hurricane season would still produce another 5 named storms with 3 of these becoming hurricanes. Of these hurricanes, one would become at least a category 3 storm.

Although many Americans tend to breathe a sigh of relief if we are able to get through the month of September without a hurricane, there is still a long way to go. When analyzing the last 10 years, the season’s last storm has ended as soon as October 25th or as late as December 7th.


As a reminder, the official hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. Needless to say, it is critical to have your hurricane plan ready with plenty of supplies should a named storm form and approach your area. Sites such as can greatly assist you in forming your hurricane plan.

If you are house hunting in South Florida, hurricane preparedness should factor into your decision making when purchasing a home. You will want to confirm that the home has hurricane protection either in the form of high-impact windows & doors or hurricane shutters that will cover all openings. Assuming that you are obtaining a mortgage to purchase the property, you will likely be required to have a 4-point inspection conducted on the property as well.

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