The relationship between a HVAC system and your home’s value

In South Florida, there may not be a more critical feature than a home’s air conditioning system. Given the extreme heat and humidity, this quickly becomes a non-negotiable necessity for most. The acronym “HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and it’s the broadly used term to describe equipment used to keep homes at a comfortable temperature. While most buyers focus on the aesthetics of a home, it is the mechanical features that may be the most critical. For example, a failing cast iron plumbing system underneath a home can be an expensive nightmare for any new homeowner. Similarly, an older and inefficient or ineffective HVAC system will certainly negatively impact a home sale.

Seller’s disclosures

To avoid financial mistakes, the home-selling process is regulated to be transparent. One example of this is through the seller’s disclosure. The seller’s disclosure is a common form containing various questions about the property for the seller to fill out. One component of this form pertains to the HVAC system and it’s age. Prospective buyers will typically review this document with their agent to gain a better understanding of the condition of the property prior to submitting an offer. With this said, an HVAC system that is older will certainly catch the attention of the buyer. This is true even if the unit is functioning properly. As a seller, it is equally important to be honest and thorough when filling out the seller’s disclosure. This transparency up front can lead to less issues down the road, should you sell the property.

Seller’s concessions

A general home inspection will most certainly measure the effectiveness of a HVAC system. In a matter of minutes, a home inspector will be able to tell if the unit is operating optimally or not. If it is determined during a home inspection that the unit is not functioning correctly, this will undoubtedly be noted in the report and will likely have a cost for repair or replacement assigned to it. In addition to roofing & electrical panel concessions, HVAC concessions are one of the more common items cited by buyers in the negotiating process. Considering the cost of a new HVAC system, this could certainly end up being a significant expense or concession for a seller.


In closing, it is not a bad idea to have various mechanical systems serviced prior to listing a home for sale. Although these items are not the eye catchers like aesthetic items such as flooring, counter tops, or cabinetry, they are significant financial items that can greatly impact a home sale. Particularly in South Florida, an efficient and functioning HVAC system is essential to comfort in the home. A reputable real estate professional should have a list of qualified contractors to assist both buyers and sellers throughout the selling or buying process.


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