The smart home revolution

In recent years, home automation systems have gained in popularity across the country. Factor in that the largest home buying demographic are tech-savvy millennials and you can quickly understand how important of a home feature these systems can be. With the advent of the smartphone, we have certainly grown accustomed to immediate access to virtually any information we may need. While voice-activated virtual assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home have become commonplace, the sophisticated home automation systems have truly revolutionized the smart home. With this said, these systems also have the capability to integrate the various voice-activated virtual assistants.

The touchless trend

If there has been a consistent theme in the past 8 months, it would have to be the strong recommendations to social distance and avoid contact. Today’s home automation systems open an entire new world of touchless technology and voice-activation. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of these home automation systems are that the possibilities are endless. Whether it is automated climate controls, lighting, window treatments, and of course entertainment systems, virtually everything in the home can be controlled from your smart device or even your voice. Given the current pandemic, reducing the number of touchpoints is also a highly sought after feature.

Home automation options

As mentioned previously, the home automation market has grown in recent years. This has allowed for more entrants into the space. With this said, some of the major players in this space are companies such as Control4, Crestron, Vivint, & Savant. While these systems are not inexpensive, they certainly add significant convenience to the home. In addition, many buyers are looking for these features in potential homes for purchase.

As for cost, the budget can really get out of hand here depending on how much capability you want in your system. The possibilities are truly endless here. Another nice feature with these systems is that you can build additional functionality with time. In addition, the size of the home will also be a factor here as well. As a rule of thumb, you may want to factor in a starting budget of around $10,000 for a typical one-story single-family home. It is important to note that if you are marketing these home automation features in a property that you are selling, you will want to be specific in what equipment is conveyed as part of a purchase. In the end, if you decide to invest in one of these sophisticated systems, you will quickly become accustomed to these creature comforts.


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