The Top Airbnb Locations In Florida

A South Florida Airbnb property can be a great investment for your real estate portfolio.

Florida is a popular tourist destination, and Airbnb is a great way to experience the state’s many attractions. There are hundreds of thousands of Airbnb listings throughout Florida, so there’s something for everyone. From budget-friendly apartments to luxurious beachfront villas, the options seem endless. As an investor, an Airbnb property can also be a great way to diversify your real estate portfolio while realizing impressive returns on your investment. Given Florida’s popularity for vacationers, there are some great locations to consider an Airbnb investment. We discuss the top markets below.

Top counties in Florida

According to Airbnb, hosts in Florida brought in more than $3 billion last year. Interestingly, hosts with single listings made up more than 70% of operators on the platform. In other words, most of these properties are held by individual investors looking to supplement their income through a vacation property. As for the top two counties for earnings through Airbnb in Florida, they were:

  • Miami-Dade: $76M
  • Osceola: $64M

As for annual earnings for hosts with single listings, the national average in 2022 was $14,000. Not surprisingly, the highly popular markets of Miami and Orlando exceeded these averages.

5 most profitable Florida cities for Airbnb

  • #1. Kissimmee, FL
    • Number of Vacation Rentals: 29,256
    • Booking/Occupancy Rates: 71%
    • Average Nightly Rate: $276
    • Avg. Home Value: $387,526
    • Peak Rental Season: June-July
  • #2. Key West, FL
    • Number of Vacation Rentals: 2,308
    • Booking/Occupancy Rates: 71%
    • Average Nightly Rate: $478
    • Avg. Home Value: $1,103,796
    • Peak Rental Season: March to May
  • #3. Miami, FL
    • Number of Vacation Rentals: 13,216
    • Booking/Occupancy Rates: 67%
    • Average Nightly Rate: $228
    • Avg. Home Value: $562,174
    • Peak Rental Season: January to March
  • #4. Miami Beach, FL
    • Number of Vacation Rentals: 6,323
    • Booking/Occupancy Rates: 70%
    • Average Nightly Rate: $247
    • Avg. Home Value: $503,899
    • Peak Rental Season: November to April
  • #5. Orlando, FL
    • Number of Vacation Rentals: 9,059
    • Booking/Occupancy Rates: 71%
    • Average Nightly Rate: $209
    • Avg. Home Value: $387,298
    • Peak Rental Season: June-July


Recently, we have seen the demand for vacation and second homes decrease from buyers. For more information on this, check out our previous article titled Vacation Home Demand”. Although there are many uncertainties in the overall economy, we continue to see strong demand for vacationers visiting The Sunshine State. As a result, an Airbnb property may be a great investment opportunity, particularly in the South Florida market. With this said, nobody knows the South Florida real estate market better than Live South Florida Realty, Inc. Are you thinking about starting or expanding your real estate investment portfolio? If so, contact Natasha today! Also, be sure to download the free and comprehensive Florida Home Search app for your smartphone or tablet as well.

By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.