The Top Cities For Online Home Searches

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Florida continues to dominate the nation for home searches.

Virtually all home searches begin online these days. As with most things, mobile searches in particular, have grown exponentially. Of course, if you are old enough, you may remember the days when you would have to meet your real estate agent at the local brokerage office to look through the MLS books for properties for sale. Nowadays, the power of the MLS is right in the palm of your hand on your smartphone with apps like Florida Home Search! Needless to say, the amount of information available to home buyers is endless these days.

It has been well documented that many Americans have opted to relocate to The Sunshine State over the recent years. So just how many began their home search online for Florida cities recently? Although the overall number of online home searches is down year-over-year, we share some recent home search data for the month of January 2023 from the Redfin site below. (Not surprisingly, Florida dominated this list too…)

Top 10 cities for home searches

  • Miami, FL: 7,200 inflow searches compared to 11,400 in 2022
  • Sacramento, CA: 6,200 compared to 7,200 in 2022
  • Las Vegas, NV: 5,700 compared to 6,900 in 2022
  • Phoenix, AZ: 5,500 compared to   9,900 in 2022
  • Tampa, FL: 5,200 compared to 7,500 in 2022
  • Dallas, TX: 4,400 compared to 7,300 in 2022
  • Cape Coral, FL: 4,200 compared to 5,500 in 2022
  • Orlando, FL: 3,800 compared to 1,700 in 2022
  • North Port-Sarasota, FL: 3,800 compared to 5,300 in 2022
  • Houston, TX: 3,700 compared to 2,900 in 2022


Approximately a quarter of all people performing an online home search are looking outside of their metro area. A big reason for this is the increasing popularity of the virtual workspace. Interestingly, the average home price does not seem to be a primary driver for online home searches. In fact, Miami topped the charts with 7,200 inflow searches. With this said, the average price of a home sold in Miami was $470,000. This figure is considerably higher than the national median home price of $383,000. Of course, most people that we see moving to Florida are relocating from more expensive markets such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and even California. For example, the typical home sold in New York was $650,000 in January.

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.