Top BBQ Cities In The U.S.

Three Florida metro cities made the top 20 cities for BBQ in the country.

Although the summer months are winding down, this is still the most popular time for a good old-fashioned backyard BBQ! In fact, with 4 out of 5 U.S. homeowners owning a grill or smoker, BBQ is as popular now as it has ever been. Most of us tend to associate good BBQ with the South, however a recent analysis from Real Estate Witch looked at a variety of metrics from Yelp, Google, U.S. Census data, food truck data from Roaming Hunger, and other sources to determine the top cities in the country for BBQ.

Methodology used for the top BBQ cities

For starters, this analysis looked at the 50 most populous metro cities across the country. In addition, the following metrics were considered:

  • BBQ restaurants per 100,000 residents (19.4%)
  • Google Trends score for 12 general BBQ terms (19.4%)
  • Number of BBQ food trucks per capita (16.1%)
  • Percent of typical annual income spent on 4 pounds of BBQ meat per month (13%)
  • Average of the regional prices for beef, pork, and chicken (13%)
  • Average Yelp rating for BBQ restaurants in each city (9.7%)
  • The presence of BBQ events in each city for the remainder of 2023 (6.5%)
  • BBQ restaurants per square mile (3.2%)

Top BBQ cities

  • #1. Austin, TX
  • #2. Memphis, TN
  • #3. San Antonio, TX
  • #4. Birmingham, AL
  • #5. Las Vegas, NV
  • #6. Nashville, TN
  • #7. Houston, TX
  • #8. Oklahoma City, OK
  • #9. Jacksonville, FL
  • #10. Raleigh, NC

As for how other Florida cities fared in this report, they were ranked as follows:

  • #15. Tampa, FL
  • #17. Orlando, FL
  • #47. Miami, FL

To view the full top 50 list, click here.


Although not particularly known for its BBQ, The Sunshine State had three Florida metro cities ranked in the top 20 in the country. Of course, with the many amazing backyard pools and beautiful beaches, Florida probably is underrated when it comes to having great BBQ’s!

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By natasha moore

REALTOR® with Live South Florida Realty, Inc.