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Moving to Florida
Florida was the most popular state to relocate to in 2022.

Another year, another record set for The Sunshine State. This time, it was the fastest growing state in the U.S. in 2022. (This marks the first time this has happened for Florida since 1957.) Perhaps this comes as no surprise, but many of these transplants are coming from New York. Although the migration from New York to Florida is certainly nothing new, the number of New Yorkers heading south has risen tremendously in recent years. In 2021, a whopping 61,728 New York residents moved to Florida. Although this was a staggering figure, this number was shattered in 2022 as 64,577 of driver’s license transfers came from the Empire State. Needless to say, this data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is a reliable surrogate marker as it reflects a lasting decision to relocate.

Why are New Yorkers moving to Florida?

Although most of the reasons for moving to Florida may seem obvious to many, here are the most common reasons cited by New Yorkers:

  • Freedom: Simply put, New Yorkers (& all Americans) enjoy their freedom. With states like New York implementing restrictive pandemic-related mandates, many residents have opted to seek their freedom in Florida.
  • No state income tax: Florida has long been known for not having a state income tax. Therefore, this continues to be a highly sought-after feature of The Sunshine State.
  • Lower crime: With states such as New York implementing soft on crime policies, many Americans do not feel safe in those states. On the other hand, Florida continues to lead the way with harsher policies and penalties for criminal activity.
  • Warmer weather: Of course, we could never leave out the desire for the warm weather and beautiful beaches of Florida. For many, a move to Florida means an increase in staycations to enjoy all the beauty that Florida has to offer.
  • Booming economy: Perhaps not mentioned as much as it should, the Florida economy has been booming for years. Of course, in recent years it has grown even further as the state was open for business while other states locked down and forced many businesses to shutter.


Census data shows that Florida’s population has increased every year since 1946. This has even been seen during periods when the national population growth slowed. Today, the state’s population is more than nine times larger than it was in 1946. Although New York certainly receives most of the attention when it comes to outbound migration to Florida, we have also seen high numbers of residents moving to Florida from New Jersey, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Perhaps the common denominator for all these states is the way they handled the pandemic, which was vastly different from Florida’s approach.

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By natasha moore

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